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Create Squircle SVG With Easy

Create Squircle SVG With Easy.

  • Squircle pressets:
  • Default
  • iOS app icon
  • Android
  • Mac mini
  • Clubhouse avatar

What is a Squircle?

A squircle is a mathematical term for a shape in between a circle and a square. It looks more pretty than ordinary rounded rectangles. It feels more modern, unique, and has a more natural shape.

Who uses Squircles?

Industrial designers, architects, car designers, web designers, graphic designers use squircles to make their products more appealing in the customer's eyes.

Famous companies use it for icons, logos, web elements, etc. Physical products like plates, bowls, cups can be squircle as well.

How to make a Squircle?

This website allows you to create a vector squircle fast and easy, and download the result as an SVG file.

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